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In The News: Poetry, Puritans, Politicians and more!

In The News: Poetry, Puritans, Politicians and more!

A round-up of the week's religion news.

How to Make a Zombie

by Nora Connor In its October issue, Harper’s* revisits the zombie phenomenon--the Haitian kind, that is, not the George Romero kind.  Which, come to think of it, makes it a bit of a strange Halloween selection. Journalist Hamilton Morris did his reporting pre-earthquake; the social feature most representative of Haiti’s practical difficulties is an...

Daily Links: Apocalypse Edition

Click right over to Mary Valle's latest at Killing the Buddha on "A Kinder, Gentler Apocalypse."  Of the May 21 fake-out she writes:
Apparently God was playing more of his "I’m gonna pretend to high-five you, then pull my hand away at the last minute and say ‘Psych!’” games with all of us.
Look out...

The Second Coming of the Dawn of the Dead

Mel Gibson, wrote Chris Lehmann in reviewing The Passion for The Revealer, turned to the aesthetics of horror to spread his religion. Now Adam H. Becker explains how the creators of the new Dawn of the Dead deploy religion in service of the horror. The horror! Adam is an assistant professor of religious studies at New York University. He last wrote forThe Revealer about “Imam Ali in...