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The Last Twentieth-Century Book Club: Sulamith Ish-Kishor

The Last Twentieth-Century Book Club: Sulamith Ish-Kishor

"The Last Twentieth Century Book Club" is an ongoing monthly column exploring religious ephemera by Don Jolly.
Homegrown Settlers

Homegrown Settlers

As President Obama makes his first visit to Israel today, Kiera Feldman examines Americans in the settlements... and their kitsch.

The Israeli Government’s Mad Men

Amy Levin:  They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, that’s debatable. Due to a recent Israeli government-sponsored television ad campaign meant to persuade Israeli ex-pats living in America to return “home,” the geo-political sea between Jewish Americans and Israelis may be expanding, and Moses won’t be here to part it. In response to...

The Persistence of Arendt

At Tikkun, Ralph Seliger re-examines the legacy of Hannah Arendt, the Jewish-German philosopher often shorthanded as an ardent anti-Zionist.

Israel Studies, A Form of Public Diplomacy?

“I know what the podium I stand behind represents, what Israel studies represents. I know this is a form of public diplomacy.” -- Amal Jamal, "Israeli-Arab" professor of political science, Tel-Aviv University, one of two Palestinian scholars (of a total of 300 attendees) at the annual meeting of the Association for Israel Studies...

Uncomfortable Zionism

Peter Beinart published an article in the New York Review of Books last week, "The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment," that, according to Religion Dispatches' Sarah Posner, "has the potential to create an intellectual earthquake." Beinart writes that American Jews have become increasingly divided between two distinct and un-nuanced positions: "naked...

Unraveling the Israel Alliance

“Jews in America aren’t endangered, but the power of the religious right has clearly reached a point where a great many feel exceedingly nervous. The fear is not of pogroms or outright discrimination; rather, it’s of the disappearance of the secular civic culture that allowed Jews to feel like full citizens of America rather than...

Zionism is Discriminatory? Ya Think?

The end of Zionism? “In a landmark decision, Israel’s attorney general ruled last week that one of the fundamental tenets upon which the Jewish state was built — acquiring and reserving land for Jews to live on — is discriminatory and should not continue with state assistance.” Forward’s Nathaniel Popper reports.