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In the News: Paris, Witches, the CNN Apocalypse, and more!

In the News: Paris, Witches, the CNN Apocalypse, and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
Me and My Mat

Me and My Mat

Naturalized as an integral part of practice, the mass produced yoga mat is an illustrative example of niche commoditization and the way entrepreneurs savvily build microeconomies around emergent lifestyle trends.

Getting There Too Quickly:
Aldous Huxley and Mescaline

By Peter Bebergal Between his 1932 vision of a sterile dystopia in Brave New World and the 1962 novel Island about a spiritual utopia, the author Aldous Huxley experienced two things; the Hindu religious philosophy known as Vedanta and psychedelic drugs. In Brave New World, people are addicted to Soma, a hallucinogenic that artificially simulates a...

Merry Christmas to Me!

Mary Valle:  All I really want for Christmas is to watch "The Exorcist" with Fr. Gabriele Amorth.  I also want to thank him profusely for pointing out a few things that actually are kind of true. Who hasn't been in a yoga class and "breathing" into some pose and thought "This shit is EVIL!"...

Yoga’s Bondage

Amy Levin:  For most of us, it’s hard to wrap our heads around yoga - yes, this thing everyone is talking about, but also the details about how it got here, where it came from, and what the big deal is. Yoga has become such a part of our vernacular, and yet we seem to...

May the Truth Force Be With You

India's yoga guru, Baba Ramdev, is on a hunger strike starting yesterday, along with 100,000 of his followers including some in Houston, Texas (click on the prior link to catch the Houston Chronicle's Kate Shellnut comparing Ramdev's popularity to that of Oprah or Joel Osteen!).  He'll fast to the death, Ramdev says, if...