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In the News:  Wicca, Climate Change, Gaza and Much More

In the News: Wicca, Climate Change, Gaza and Much More

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.

The Vatican Sees Opportunity with Wiccans

The UK’s Daily Mail reports that a Catholic publisher has put out a new book on how to convert Wiccans to Catholocism: The guide, published yesterday by the Catholic Truth Society, the UK publishers to the Holy See, was written by Elizabeth Dodd, a former Oxford Wiccan who converted to the Catholic faith. She said...

Birthdays, Etc.

Happy Birthday Jesus? Not to mention, Happy Wicca New Year and a Happy Bonded Dead Souls Temporarily Revived In the Shape of an Animal Day to you!

26 May 2005 Daily Links

Who Will Cry For a Witch? Lilith Saintcrow of God and Consequences reveals, with the help of the Indianapolis Star, an excellent religion story — a judge forbidding Wiccan parents from teaching their kids their religion because it’s not “mainstream” — and Jason Pitzl-Waters of Wildhunt demands to know why God bloggers, notoriously obsessed with...

Other Peoples’ Rituals

Every now and then┬áThe Revealer┬áreceives a press release, or a sales pitch, or a call to arms — or, as in the case below, a call to “the craft” — that’s compelling enough to present as a kind of primary source journalism. Not because we’re endorsing or mocking the document in question, but because we’re...