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Burma: Faith and Resistance in Kachin

Burma: Faith and Resistance in Kachin

Photographer Ryan Roco investigates the role of religion in the lives of the Kachin people in northern Burma after decades of civil war.
Divine Intervention: American Faith in Foreign Policy

Divine Intervention: American Faith in Foreign Policy

Gale Kenny reviews Andrew Preston's new book, "Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith: Religion in American War and Diplomacy," a narrative history of foreign policy and piety in America.

The Radical Notion that Women Experience War Too

Amy Levin: “[In] the new form of war that’s evolved since the end of the cold war where it isn’t two armies standing and facing each other, women and children really are the most effected by this type of warfare,” said actor Geena Davis in a behind the scenes looks at a new PBS series...

Saved and Sacked; Fruits and Roots

Taking a qeue from William James (and the bible), David Bromwich asks if it's too late to examine the Obama-Bush presidency.  How has the first black president, who promised to return America to "the high moral ground" and by race and rhetoric signaled an allegiance to equality and justice, proven to be the perfect...

Preaching Against the Wars

The Proper 29 Project, created by Mennonite pastor Mark Villegas and named for Reign of Christ Sunday (November 21, also known as Proper 29), asks pastors to "address the violence in Iraq and Afghanistan" in their sermons.  Writes Anna Groff at The Mennonite:
Villegas is pastor of Chapel Hill (N.C.) Mennonite Fellowship and...