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Hispaniola: Trujillo's Voudou Legacy

Hispaniola: Trujillo’s Voudou Legacy

In the aftermath of a 1937 massacre, Rafael Trujillo’s violent regime launched a campaign to demonize Haitians, using voudou as a principal identifier, reports Ezra Fieser from Dajabon in the Dominican Republic.
Struggle for Acceptance: Media Visibility and Minority Religion

Struggle for Acceptance: Media Visibility and Minority Religion

Our very own Ann Neumann, editor of The Revealer, was interviewed by Stephanie Whiteside for her piece, "Struggle for Acceptance: Media Visibility and Minority Religion."

Voodoo Fest

09 January 2006 How do you do the voodoo? The BBC features a reader forum on whether voodoo is good or evil, on the eve of the annual voodoo festival in Benin, where 60% of the population practices the religion. Not an empirical fact to be found, but a good bit of first-hand belief (mostly from those who don’t...

Voodoo Postmortem

Revealer associate editor Kathryn Joyce writes: It’s more than an un-PC cliche. “‘Voodoo is part of Haitian politics,’” voodoo priest, Philippe Castera tells Marina Jimenez, a Toronto Globe and Mail correspondent on assignment in Haiti. “‘The National Palace is filled with the spirits of the ancestors, and the president must be introduced to those spirits and deal with them.’” Jimenez does a fine...

Who’s Being Spooky?

Last Spring, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti gave Voodoo official recognition, most notably legalizing Voodoo marriages. Now, reports Christianity Today, “Christians” fear a national “pact with the Devil” in the island nation. This is surprising news — not the pact, but the fact that Christianity Today, a smart glossy that represents the mainstream conservative evangelical view with panache, would...