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Religion and Press Freedom in the Digital Age – Part One: Information on Trial

Religion and Press Freedom in the Digital Age – Part One: Information on Trial

The first in a series of posts on issues at the intersection of press freedom, religion, digital media and politics by Natasja Sheriff.

Punk Protest, Bad Video Art, and “Religious Insult”

by Irina Papkova there's an eerie similarity between the reaction of some Orthodox believers to Pussy Riot and the worldwide protests against “Innocence of Muslims.”

A Human Right to Blaspheme?

by Austin Dacey Do you have a human right to blaspheme? Ask a philosopher and you may get two different answers.

Calvin’s Geneva? The New International Discourse of Blasphemy

By Austin Dacey The Ad Hoc Committee on the Elaboration of Complementary Standards was meeting to address “gaps” in an international human rights treaty on racism and racial discrimination.

Explaining US Foreign Policy

From an October 2011 article at Human Life International World Watch, a "pro-life and pro-family" organization dedicated to monitoring "anti-life forces operat[ing] under the radar implementing their destructive agenda":
...You would think, in an empty nation like Kazakhstan, there would be groups encouraging peo­ple to have more children, but ex­actly the opposite is the case....

What Are Religious Human Rights?

Nora Connor:  Water cooler talk around The Revealer offices keeps circling back to human rights these days (yes, we are a rock-and-roll lot). As in, what are they? Who gets to say what they are, and when and where? Are they “real” in themselves, out there in reality somewhere, waiting their turn to step forward,...

Special Rapport

An independent expert has issued a new report to the United Nations, urging the assembly to protect the religious freedom of all prisoners, drawing particular attention to the “growing number” of allegations of religious abuse of detainees and prisoners. The report documents the 75 different communications written by the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion...

No Country, No Medicine, No Chance

No Country, No Medicine, No Chance 19 November 2004 Hannah Tinti writes: “I just found out that Edwidge Danticat’s uncle, who raised her while her parents were in the US, died last week while in the custody of Homeland Security. He was 81 years old, he had a valid visa to the US, he was...