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Stoning is so 2022 #qatar

Nasya Bahfen: Much of the twitterverse was definitely not down with soccer’s world governing body FIFA handing the 2022 World Cup to a tiny oil-rich Middle Eastern nation not renowned for its press freedom, and with a conjoined part-Islamic, part-civil legal system. The awarding of the biggest sporting tournament in the world...

Of Football, God, & Twitter

Elissa Lerner: Unless you're a Buffalo Bills fan, you might have missed an epic dropped pass by Bills receiver Stevie Johnson this past Sunday, which would have been a game-winning touchdown in overtime to beat the Steelers. In a tweet heard round the world (and possibly beyond), a devastated Johnson blamed God...

Church of Scientology: Who You Callin’ Stupid?

A British councillor twittered while passing a Church of Scientology that he wanted to hurry by before "the stupid rubs off."  Ouch.

God Tweets

Marc Hartzman, author of God Made Me Do It: True stories of the worst advice the Lord has ever given his followers, has started a website that allows God to speak through people who speak through twitter. The site is called almightytwitter and has a bouncy design that seems to invite...


Ann Neumann: A new hashtag on twitter this morning: #popearrest.