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The Patient Body: Doctors and Religious Sensitivity

The Patient Body: Doctors and Religious Sensitivity

“The Patient Body” is a monthly column by Ann Neumann about issues at the intersection of religion and medicine. This month: Religious sensitivity training that masks, rather than fixes, problems in our healthcare system.
Review: Considering Hate

Review: Considering Hate

Patrick Blanchfield reviews Considering Hate by Kay Whitlock and Michael Bronski
Daily Links: Whatcha Reading?

Daily Links: Whatcha Reading?

Links from around the web.
A Spiritual Defense of "Impiety"

A Spiritual Defense of “Impiety”

by Austin Dacey The trick with monotheisms is that competition comes not just from neighboring gods, but even from our own ideas about the One.

Sacrilege: an excerpt from Austin Dacey’s The Future of Blasphemy

We do not know what the first blasphemer said. We do know that he was a stranger who came among the Israelites.

Daily Links: Big Fat Tolerance Edition

Russian gay extremists; Patronizing employers; A Brownback woman; Jesus' juice; Milquetoast Patel; Other, the world's 12th religion; Liberty wolves; ideology-smashing samaritan; Damn anarchists; Government by any other name (like the presidency); Tolerance ponies.

Attacking Tolerance: Who’s Bullying Anti-Bullying Educators?

The organization People for the American Way (PFAW) has a new report out on how religious groups are working to end tolerance and anti-bullying education in schools because they believe it normalizes non-traditional gender and sexual behavior.  The arguments to end such education, as summarized by PFAW, are that 1) anti-bullying training indoctrinates children...

Tolerance Makes Kids Gay

"Tolerance" is considered a general good, an aspirational goal that, when done right, ameliorates violence and promotes understanding.  But "tolerance" has a number of definitions in play on the current political stage.  The dispute over its meanings is at the heart of a new bill in California that would institute the education of school children...

By Association

An excerpt from a letter written by Justin Lee, Executive Director of The Gay Christian Network.  (Read more about Philip Yancey here.)
Since we announced that bestselling Christian author Philip Yancey would be addressing the GCN conference in 2011, questions have been flying, online and offline. "Is Philip Yancey pro-gay?" some have asked. "What...