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In the News: Conversations, Congratulations, and Collaborations

In the News: Conversations, Congratulations, and Collaborations

A round-up of recent religion news.

Call for Applications, Research Fellow

We're looking for a research fellow for the Fall 2012-2013 academic year.

This Guy!

Jesse Sunenblick, a former Revealer, writes: “i know you’re probably sick of the subject, but you should write about this guy. he is a wacky American creation: an Indian weened on the Brady Bunch (hence the nickname “Bobby”), who converted to Catholicism, and whose possible introduction into the presidential race smacks of racial profiteering. he’s more...

The Shape of Journalism to Come

Sharlet: This fall, I’ll be teaching The Revealer as a text and as an assignment for a group of journalism graduate students here at New York University, as part of a seminar in magazine writing called “Journalism Faces Faith.” As I finalize the syllabus, I’m hoping Revealer readers will help me select work with which...


Jeff Sharlet: The Revealer will be taking a short break from blogging for a few weeks, but we’ll continue to publish longer features above. With the end of the school year, we’re winding down the original grant the Pew Charitable Trusts that gave us life. The Revealer will continue, but in somewhat different form. I’ll...

Same Old Disdain, Great New Flavor

We’ve been arguing with Caleb Stegall, an editor of our favorite small-o orthodox Christian website that likes to bash us, about how to write these little blurbs below the fold of The Revealer. Caleb charges us with using the cover of press criticism to throw elbows at religious ideas we don’t like, such as Christian conservatism. We’re hurt...