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Party for the Animals

Amy Levin: First it was cutting foreskin, now it’s cutting throats. Jewish and Muslim ritual practices are getting the shaft lately, as the lower house of the Dutch parliament passed a bill last Tuesday, June 22nd, that would ban shechita (kosher) and halal slaughter in the Netherlands. The bill requires that animals be...

Burkha Ban

13 October 2005 An anti-immigrant minister in the Netherlands has proposed a ban on the burkha in certain public places and transportation facilities, citing safety concerns. Muslim groups have objected to the move as an “irritant,” arguing that very few women wear the burkha at all.

It Worked Edmund Gwenn

The Dutch postal agency TPG has announced that it will send all anonymous letters to God to the Netherland’s evangelical broadcasting company, EO, where employees will pray for the letter-writers. The decision came after Andre Rouvoet, the leader of Holland’s small Christian party, Christen Unie, asked why the letters were being thrown away by the post office,...