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Suffering Meant Something Different

Suffering Meant Something Different

From "The Eye," a short story by Alice Monro, excerpted from her new book of short stories, Dear Life, at The Guardian.

Safe Words

Abby Ohlheiser: All the religious language of the last fortnight's Perry and Ames fest '11 (or should that be '12) made me click on this tweet (despite the parenthetical clue) without thinking for a second that it would be a comment on anything other than something Bachmann or Perry have talked about recently....

Gender Caricatures

How are ideas of masculinity created and enforced?  Are the political and Christian right less tolerant of a spectrum of male behavior than those on the left?  What about Boehner's crying and Obama's killing?  From Amanda Marcotte's article at The Guardian, "The soft underbelly of the right's hard abs":
Unfortunately, the right's obsession with masculinity,...

Saint More

03 January 2006 The Guardian re-names Thomas More the patron saint of “liars and bullies,” on the occasion of two plays opening about the theologian in London.