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Daily Links: Lions and Tigers and Taliban Pirates Edition

Daily Links: Lions and Tigers and Taliban Pirates Edition

How can President Obama expect to “reach out” to someone who has no idea how far away he’s standing?!

Hey, Most Powerful Military in the World

In just 140 characters at a time the Taliban is talking back to the US Military:
The New York Daily News reported that the account @isafmedia wrote: “How much longer will terrorists put innocent Afghans in harm’s way?” To which Abdulqahar Balkhi, a "mouthpiece" for the Taliban, rebutted: “I dnt knw. U hve bn pttng them n...


Our very favorite story these days is the one about how, you know, those religious people -- the pope, nuns, pastors, really Christian Christians -- are surprisingly into technology.  Gasp!  Doesn't religion mean medieval sensibilities or at least some backwards technophobia?  But it would seem, as The Guardian reports today, that everybody's on twitter...

Shari’a and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

by Najam Haider This article is part of an ongoing series that will examine what Shari’ah is, how the media often get it wrong, and how it’s being used to create fear of Islam and Muslims and to justify continued military defense of “American values.”