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Trembling Before the Internet

From Zackery Sholem Berger's new article at Tablet, "Hasidic Writers, Plugged In": But there are also those who have decidedly not converted, who have not fled their communities. They hew to ideals they do not support because they are not yet ready to leave, or because they never will. Such a life can be exquisitely...

Reality TV on Vodka

From "Mother Russia," at Tablet today, on the latest reality show to hit Brighton Beach:
The astute viewer will notice that, in both of these interludes, Kosov is wearing a large Star of David pendant that dangles above her dramatically pushed-up cleavage. In a...

Von Trier Gets Jewish

Tablet's Liel Leibovitz catches up with the storm director Lars von Trier created at Cannes this week when he described himself as a Nazi; according to Leibowitz, sympathizing with Hitler "may be the most Jewish thing the director has ever done."