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Lebanon: War, Peace and Pluralism, Part 2

Lebanon: War, Peace and Pluralism, Part 2

From Beirut, Irina Papkova describes in the second of two posts how former political opponents are maintaining Lebanon's fragile peace through a pluralistic, democratic system.
Lebanon: War, Peace and Pluralism

Lebanon: War, Peace and Pluralism

"The relationship between Lebanon and Syria is intricate and complicated, and the chaos in Syria presents serious challenges for its tiny neighbor to the west," writes Irina Papkova in the first of two posts from Beirut in the aftermath of the October 19 bomb blast.

Balancing Act: Sectarian Leaders in Lebanon

by Irina Papkova Last week marked twenty-two years since the signing of the Taif Accords put an end to the last civil war...but external pressures are at work once more.

Let’s Get Radical: a review of The Light In Her Eyes

by Rachel Riederer It’s difficult for me to conceive of the memorization of scripture as even a mildly progressive act, let alone a radical one. But The Light in Her Eyes...sets out to prove that it is.

In the Shadows of Syria: Defusing Sectarian Tensions in Lebanon

by Irina Papkova For two weeks, Lebanon lived on the knife edge of a sectarian civil war. And here the truly interesting part of this story begins to emerge.

Holy Land: Holy Land

04 January 2006 A coalition of U.S. evangelical groups, led by none other than Pat Robertson, is negotiating with the Israeli government to lease 125 acres of land in Galilee — possibly at no charge from Israel’s ministry of tourism — in order to build the Galilee World Heritage Park, a biblical theme park featuring gardens,...