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In the News: Biomemes, Voodoo, Elie Wiesel and more!

In the News: Biomemes, Voodoo, Elie Wiesel and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
In the News: Prisons Churches, Museums, and, of course, Hobby Lobby

In the News: Prisons Churches, Museums, and, of course, Hobby Lobby

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
The Patient Body: A Closely-Held Business

The Patient Body: A Closely-Held Business

“The Patient Body” is a monthly column by Ann Neumann about issues at the intersection of religion and medicine.

Outside the Law: Cheryl Perich and the First Amendment

There’s nothing quite like a First Amendment dispute to illuminate the subtleties of interpreting separation of church and state. By Elissa Lerner Last week, the Supreme Court ruled for the first time to uphold a forty year-old practice known as the “ministerial exception” in the case of Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School vs. Equal Employment Opportunity...

Satan: Literarily and Literally

Two stories, a song and a link:  For years I've been dabbling with a series of short stories about Satan.  In my drafts I call him Coldcheek.  He's a dapper guy who only comes out at night, grudgingly enjoys his job of ushering souls to the next world with a kiss, is immortal (of course)...

“8: The Mormon Proposition” Coming To a Theater Near You

Out & About interviews director Reed Cowan about his new documentary film on the Mormon Church's efforts to pass Proposition 8 in California, a law which makes same-sex marriage illegal. Cowan says his documentary is more about separation of church and state than it is gay rights and predicts that the church's...

The Changing Court

Ann Neumann: John Paul Stevens retires. Read James Toobin’s profile of the Supreme Court justice from last month at the New Yorker here. Read Sarah Posner’s post on religion and the court here. James Oliphant at the LA Times. At ABC News. At US Supreme Court Media. Michael Roston at True/Slant. CREDO lets you send a thank you to Stevens here. Scotusblog, unfortunately,...

Religion Litmus Test for the Court?

Ann Neumann: Don’t miss Sarah Posner’s post on religion and the Supreme Court justices, an issue that comes to the fore as John Paul Stevens approaches retirement. Six of the current nine justices belong to one denomination.

Religion-Free Alito

01 February 2006 David Waters of The Scripps Howard News Service defends blind, religion-free reporting when it comes to the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito, taking the trepidation of the Senate Judiciary Committee to ask Alito about his religious beliefs as proof that those beliefs weren’t an issue, and that theology plays no role in the American...

Holy Oiling the Machine

09 January 2006 Via Salon, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday on the clandestine consecration of the hearing room where the questioning of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito is taking place today. The consecration — which included blessing the doors to the room, praying for each member of the judicial committee by name, and anointing each of the...

Scalia: Too Sexy for the Supreme Court?

If you’re looking for smart journalism about the legal and religious ideas of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, perhaps the most conservative Christian to ever sit on the court, try Margaret Talbot’s profile in the March 3 New Yorker (q&a with Talbot about the piece here). But if you’re enough of a Freudian to believe that the sex...

Daily Links 09 December 2004

Special Ops Bible Chuck Currie points to this Sojourners story on a new custom-line of Bibles that the Defense Department has commissioned for its elite U.S. Special Operations Command. The new Bibles will feature a custom-designed cover, special Army-designed color photos and text inserts, and “army-centric motivational messages.” Stained Glass Ceiling Who leads the choir, teaches Sunday School,...