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The most dangerous epithet in America

The most dangerous epithet in America

Rupinder Mohan Singh reflects on the changed meaning of the word "terrorist" after an attack on Sikh-American Dr. Prabhjot Singh.

Susan Sontag’s Legacy

More than 400 artists and writers have signed a letter to publically support Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti, the playwright whose controversial play, Dishonour, sparked riots among British Sikhs and led to threats of kidnapping or violence against Bhatti.

Daily Links 01 December 2004

Fiddler Beneath the Gun Impaling a head on a pole and putting a cigarette in his mouth? That was pretty bad. Audio tape of “an Israeli officer pumping the body of a 13-year-old girl full of bullets and then saying he would have shot her even if she had been three years old”? Well, there’s...


BBC’s Sikhism page gives a good, introductory overview of the religion as well as Sikh news and information on the Sikh community in the U.K. The SikhNetwork: a sleek, fun site with news, chat rooms, events listings, downloads of Sikh wallpaper and music and even its own singles service for marriage-minded Sikhs. The Sikh Times is a no-frills,...