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The Reformation Will Be Televised: On ISIS,  Religious Authority and the Allure of Textual Simplicity

The Reformation Will Be Televised: On ISIS, Religious Authority and the Allure of Textual Simplicity

The religious fundamentalism of ISIS is not evidence that Islam needs a Reformation, but that one has already occurred by Suzanne Schneider.

Numbers Lie: Hacking at Islam

Numbers never tell the whole story--which is why liberal pleas to rely solely on science and facts carry so little weight. Internet years are like dog years.  Way back in 2003 when The Revealer was founded as a joint project between NYU's Journalism Department and The Center for Religion and Media, we placed a more traditional...

Creating Shari’ah Panic

As Adam Sewer of WaPo writes, a new report by The Center for American Progress debunks anti-shari'ah rhetoric. Read the report here. And a clip:
But by defining Sharia itself as the problem, and then asserting the authenticity of only the most extreme interpretations of Sharia, the authors are effectively arguing that...

Give Us This Day Our Daily Links

Jesus Greeks! Of course we don't endorse primary candidates (Mitt Romney 5.0)!  But if we could... Jews in the Sheen house! Reading, writing and the absolute horrors of being in divinity school. Old evangelical wine in old evangelical wineskins? Clarence Thomas is the court. The Archbishop of Canterbury designates a Pakistani martyr. Alabama...

Let My People Go

In a recent interview Egyptian-born journalist Mona Eltahawy tells Bill Maher (notoriously anti-religion, Maher so often perfectly demonstrates the confounding problem the left has with articulating religious tolerance) that Egypt has less chance of becoming a theocracy than is assumed in U.S. commentary.

Sharia Creeps

MoJo‘s Tim Murphy does the Shari’ah in America round-up so we don’t have to.

It’s Not Even About A Mosque This Time

Elissa Lerner: Have you been losing sleep over the crippling anxiety that Islamic law might one day trump Constitutional law? Fear not - Oklahoma is on the case! "Save Our State" question 755 banning shari'a law from the Sooner State passed with a whopping 70% of the vote on Tuesday. In a "pre-emptive...

Stoking Fears about an American Community

by Joshua M. Z. Stanton When John F. Kennedy was running for president in 1960, fear-mongers raised the specter of his dual loyalty. Would he really serve American interests or merely be a pawn for the Vatican? After all, he was a Catholic. Church doctrine, it was whispered, could co-opt the person designated to uphold America’s...

Shari’a and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

by Najam Haider This article is part of an ongoing series that will examine what Shari’ah is, how the media often get it wrong, and how it’s being used to create fear of Islam and Muslims and to justify continued military defense of “American values.”

Discrimination Pays

Got a strong hatred for a faith other than your own?  Forget finding tolerance; find a book agent!  Richard Bartholomew writes today that a new book, Islam is of the Devil, has hit the shelves.  Its opportunistic author, Terry Jones, is pastor of Dove World Outreach in Florida.  Yes, the same church that sponsored,...

Muslims at Ground Zero

Yesterday, plans to build a Muslim religious center near Ground Zero were approved. Later in the day, Mayor Bloomberg spoke about the center with emotional praise. Here's a smattering of news stories from around the web: including those that approve of the "mosque" so that "we" can, in part, keep our "enemies" closer...