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In the News: #blacklivesmatter, #Illridewithyou, TL;DR Bible Stories & more!

In the News: #blacklivesmatter, #Illridewithyou, TL;DR Bible Stories & more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
Are the Gods Afraid of Black Sexuality?

Are the Gods Afraid of Black Sexuality?

And interview with Professor Josef Sorett about the launch of Columbia University's Center on African American Religion, Sexual Politics and Social Justice.

The Gender & Sexual Politics of End of Life Care, April 10

I'll be on a panel with the amazing Susan Gerbino, Amber Hollibaugh, Ai-Jen Poo and Robert Campbell on April 10.  Come say hi. The Gender and Sexual Politics of End of Life Care April 10, Tuesday 6 to 8 pm Performance Studies Studio 21 Broadway, 6th Floor, Room 612

Attacking Tolerance: Who’s Bullying Anti-Bullying Educators?

The organization People for the American Way (PFAW) has a new report out on how religious groups are working to end tolerance and anti-bullying education in schools because they believe it normalizes non-traditional gender and sexual behavior.  The arguments to end such education, as summarized by PFAW, are that 1) anti-bullying training indoctrinates children...

SoMA Family Values

The true confessions of a Catholic priest’s Madonna/Whore “backstreet girl“; the memory of religious exclusion from a gay married couple; a review of Revealer contributor Peter Manseau’s new book, Vows; and pioneering Catholic theologian Uta Ranke-Heinemann’s dynamic charges against the Roman Catholic Church’s doctrine on celibacy as a smokescreen that serves mostly to disguise a...

Sex as a Weapon

22 June 2005 Decoding the Literature of the Christian Men’s Movement By Jeff Sharlet (Published in Nerve, April 25, 2005) A discussion of the Christian men’s movement — Iron John for fundamentalists, Promise Keepers to the tenth power — is best begun with some mean-spirited fun. Not because there is anything laughable about loving Jesus or thinking about...

God’s Gay Marriage

When The New York Times delivers a sermon, it’s usually of the secular variety, which is why it comes as a surprise to open the paper today to an explicitly religious column by David Brooks, better known for his smart-aleck condemnations of “Bobos.” “Anybody who has several sexual partners in a year is committing spiritual suicide,” Brooks begins his...