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Balancing Act: Sectarian Leaders in Lebanon

by Irina Papkova Last week marked twenty-two years since the signing of the Taif Accords put an end to the last civil war...but external pressures are at work once more.

The First Draft of History: Wire Agency Reporting in Egypt

by Maurice Chammah The editors weren’t pleased. It was too complex...It would be easier, they decided, to frame the story as one of religious hatred.

In the World links, Unfinished Business edition

Nora Connor: In 2008 the Chinese government recognized the annual Qingming festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day, as a national holiday.

NYT: “Seen By Some As A Cult”

Wisconsin police are focusing on the role of religion in Terry Ratzmann’s murderous attack on his own church, reports The New York Times. Let’s hope the police are doing a better job than the Times. “The Living Church of God,” writes Jodi Wilgoren, “an offshoot of a sect seen by some as a cult, the Worldwide Church of God, is...


There’s an echo of faith — violent, scary faith — in this AP report on a scalping in Idaho. A 26-year-old woman scalped a 16-year-old girl because the girl had allegedly been disrespectful to women. Both belonged to what AP identifies as a “punk clique.” Sounds like a secular sect to The Revealer. AP seems puzzled by this...