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In the News: Passover, Prison, Pop Music and More!

In the News: Passover, Prison, Pop Music and More!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
The Last Twentieth Century Book Club: Power of Source

The Last Twentieth Century Book Club: Power of Source

The Last Twentieth Century Book Club, is an ongoing monthly column exploring religious ephemera by Don Jolly.
Weekend Links: Tattooed Jesus, Putin's Repression, the Mahabharat TV Series, and more!

Weekend Links: Tattooed Jesus, Putin’s Repression, the Mahabharat TV Series, and more!

A round-up of religion and media stories from around the web.
The Bridge Beyond the Bridge

The Bridge Beyond the Bridge

By Don Jolly The Bridge Beyond the Bridge: Mark Rathbun’s Search for the Future of Scientology

Our Daily Links: “Miss This?” Edition

"David Ellefson was an honest-to-God founding member of the legendary thrash metal band Megadeth."  Now he's in a distance learning program at Concordia Seminary. Congratulations to the makers of "Love Free or Die" for their Sundance successes.  The movie profiles openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson. The Village Voice reports on the death of...

Daily Links: Apocalypse Edition

Click right over to Mary Valle's latest at Killing the Buddha on "A Kinder, Gentler Apocalypse."  Of the May 21 fake-out she writes:
Apparently God was playing more of his "I’m gonna pretend to high-five you, then pull my hand away at the last minute and say ‘Psych!’” games with all of us.
Look out...

Taking Scientology Seriously

An interview with Janet Reitman, author of Inside Scientology: The History of America’s Most Secretive Religion (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, July 2011) By Amy Levin
It was fifteen minutes of fantastic and totally outlandish claims, and yet each testimonial was presented in such a reasonable way that in spite of myself, I felt kind of hopeful. ~ Janet Reitman,...


Revealer contributor Jo Piazza reports from Cannes:
This center has a crew that speaks five languages, consisting of Scientologists flown to Cannes from around the world. They mainly seem to spend their days hollering on the sidewalk, asking passersby if they can "show them something" inside the center, which is festooned with a sign boldly...

Scientology Porn

One hardly knows what to say about Emily Anne Epstein's very brief article and photo series in last week's Metro, the free paper handed out at the dark mouth of another day's underground commute.  But maybe that's the point.  Epstein makes Scientology -- and the New York "flagship" center on 46th Street -- sound a...

Have You Ever Had Any Unkind Thoughts About L. Ron Hubbard?

01 March 2006 That’s a question asked in a “security check” that’s part of the “auditing” process at the heart of Scientology, the religion created half a century ago by Hubbard, a pulp sci-fi writer. Auditing, as described by Janet Reitman in “Inside Scientology,” a fine exploration of the faith in the latest issue of Rolling...

Daily Links 28 January 2005

Get Godly, Get Paid Who says moral values don’t pay? Yet another conservative columnist has been outed as having received undisclosed payments from a government program he fluffed in his column. Mike McManus, whose column appears in around 50 newspapers, received $10,000 for “consulting” on “healthy marriage initiatives” (i.e., not gay) with the Department of Health and...