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Intersections: Interview with Rachel Wagner

Intersections: Interview with Rachel Wagner

By S. Brent Plate An audio interview with fellow Rachel Wagner about how she got from Blake to digital media and why.
Intersections of Religion and Media: Interviews II

Intersections of Religion and Media: Interviews II

In an ongoing series of print and audio interviews, S. Brent Plate talks to experts about the field of religion and media.
Intersections of Religion and Media: Interviews

Intersections of Religion and Media: Interviews

Intersections of Religion and Media: S. Brent Plate interviews Jolyon Mitchell, Rianne Subijanto, Diane Winston, J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Benjamin Dorman and Stuart Hoover.
The Mediation of Meaning, or Re-Mediating McLuhan

The Mediation of Meaning,
or Re-Mediating McLuhan

by S. Brent Plate Meaning is produced by, in, and through social, political, and economic institutions, cultural and religious forces, technology, education, and human bodily engagement with the physical world.

I Love You, I Do.

We asked our Near and Dear to tell us something about today, the day when we celebrate love--or loss or absence or grief or joy or chocolate or the color red.  Valentine's Day is one of those not-so-holy (or so-holiday) holidays we bump into on the annual calendar, on our way to spring, rebirth and...

A Buddhist Valentine

By S. Brent Plate   Love is not a shepherd's crook. I am not the great shepherd Reaching out to pull you in.   You cannot be my valentine. I cannot possess love We can only be possessed by it.   ** Valentine's Day approaches and I am sitting in a room in a Buddhist monastery in the Hudson River Valley of New York. I've come to jump...

Our Monsters, Ourselves

A review of W. Scott Poole's Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and the Haunting (Baylor University Press, 2011). By S. Brent Plate My first monster was a repeating nightmare of a headless man named "Johan" who lived in our hallway closet on Mayfield Street, San Bernardino, CA. I was about eight years...

The Religious Uses of Marshall McLuhan

by S. Brent Plate In the midst of media hoopla about another technology being laid to rest--namely the end of the space shuttle program--there was a lesser-told story in the news this week about the centenary of one of the more technologically engaged and provocative thinkers of recent years: Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980). Coming from a background...

Atheism vs Religion:
Take 253: Matthew Chapman’s The Ledge

by S. Brent Plate Before you've even heard of this film, Bill Donohue has, once again, given it a ratings boost by rebuffing it on the Catholic League website. In between press releases on "Bishop Blasted over Gay Marriage" and "New York Times is Gay Crazy," is a little piece blasting Matthew Chapman's film The...

Islam Is the West

20 February 2006 Why the “Clash of Civilizations” is the wrong way to approach the cartoon controversy. By S. Brent Plate Journalistic coverage of the global protests over a few cartoon drawings of Muhammad has revealed at least one of the difficulties with the so-called “clash of civilizations.” The problem is precisely the monotonous repetition...

Chronicling C.S. Lewis: Marketing and Mythology

01 January 2006 Lewis’ theology was concerned with myth, which is why he cannot be fully appropriated by the kind of evangelicalism that is buying up copies of Mere Christianity. By S. Brent Plate Several newspaper reporters phoned me in the weeks leading up to the opening of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and...

In Rocky’s Shoes

10 October 2005 Footprints of film in the U.S. religious landscape. By S. Brent Plate At the top of the great steps of Philadelphia’s statelyMuseum of Art, one can find the footprints of Rocky. Tourists from all over the world make pilgrimages here to climb the enormous stairway leading to the museum and the footprints,...