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The Patient Body: Mortality and the American Dream

The Patient Body: Mortality and the American Dream

“The Patient Body” is a monthly column by Ann Neumann about issues at the intersection of religion and medicine.
Daily Links: "Where You Been?" Edition

Daily Links: “Where You Been?” Edition

Ok, so it's not always daily. But it is more than links.

Charity’s Faith Problem

Amy Levin:  What’s wrong with charity? Well, nothing, if you’re Mitt Romney and your definition of charity is giving to anti-gay referendums. Ok, that was harsh, but none of us can deny that whatever we mean by “charity” comes with a loaded moral gun and a wad of political undertones, not to mention an extra...

Romney’s Mormonism and the “Wierdness Quotient”

Amy Levin: If it wasn’t already, presidential politicking has stooped a little low. Curiously, Barack Obama’s reelection campaign informed Politico of their strategy to re-elect the “hopeful” incumbent: to make Mitt Romney seem. . . weird. Due to his fairly low approval ratings, the Obama’s campaign strategists are betting on a victory...

Ross Wants Your Snowflakes

Mary Valle: My favorite cheek-shaved, neck-bearded Catholic convert, Ross Douthat, weighs in today (sort of? His columns seem to consistently defy "logic" and "making a point") on abortion and infertility. Citing a recent MTV broadcast of a show in which a teen mother has an abortion, an article about how years of...