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The Postsuburban Gospel

The Postsuburban Gospel

Fred Folmer reviews Justin Wilford's Sacred Subdivisions.
Who's Hot, Who's Not, Fundamentalism Edition

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not, Fundamentalism Edition

By Jeff Sharlet Rick Warren's real conribution to American evangelicalism is the perfection of the humble-brag.

Daily Links

The Southern Party:  I'm betting Santorum takes Alabama and Mississippi tonight. In the meanwhile, read Alec MacGillis at The New Republic:
If this year's GOP presidential candidates have all year been making such a conservative pitch in order to appeal to a party shaped by the South, why have they been having such a hard time connecting with voters...

Ugandan Genocide, On Schedule

The Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill, also known as the "kill the gays" bill, never went away.  We were just supposed to think it did.  A debate of the bill is set to begin before Uganda's parliament in the next few months, writes Warren Throckmorton, who last week interviewed the author of the bill, David...

Purpose Driven Philippines

Ann Neumann: Bruce Wilson at Talk to Action: In the Philippines ITN teams [International Transformation Network] are indoctrinating, by government order, the entire 100,000-plus officers of the Philippine national police force with an ITN “transformation” course based on Rick Warren’s book the Purpose Driven Life. The Philippine army and judiciary have become agents of ‘transformation.'”

Evangelical Branches

31 January 2006 The Los Angeles Times recycles an old, and never very fresh story-line — evangelicals are “branching out” to include issues of poverty and environmentalism in their agenda — just in time for the State of the Union address. The semblance of a “hook” that makes this count as news is the 160 Sojourners-sponsored “State...

It’s Media

Rick Warren on a coffee cup.

Pancakes, The Purpose Driven Life, and the Perfect Story

Evangelical media has been abuzz with the story of Elizabeth Ashley Smith, the hostage of the Atlanta courthouse killer who convinced her captor to give himself up by reading to him from Rick Warren’s best-selling spiritual self-help manual, The Purpose Driven Life. Now the story is jumping to the secular press. The NYT’s headline, “Hostage’s Past...