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Let’s Get Radical: a review of The Light In Her Eyes

by Rachel Riederer It’s difficult for me to conceive of the memorization of scripture as even a mildly progressive act, let alone a radical one. But The Light in Her Eyes...sets out to prove that it is.

More Tea, Vicar? A review of BBC’s “Rev”

by Abhimanyu Das The Church of England inhabits a unique place in this busy trafficking of religious stereotypes. They're the Church that's known for being, well, not that religious.


A few days after we built this page, Norwegianity wrote: “How do you tell if a website on religion is on the up and up or if it’s just fronting for Sun Myung Moon, Falwell, Dobson or one of the other clowns? Well, posting a page of links to legit atheist sites is a pretty good start....