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In The World

In The World

By Natasja Sheriff On breaking the deafening silence surrounding two international human rights and climate change events.
In Defense of the Coalition: Observing the RNC

In Defense of the Coalition: Observing the RNC

Our lady in Tampa, Abby Ohlheiser, reports back from the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Daily Links: What Social Contract? Edition

Jim Davis on the death of a predatory priest. Amy Levin on liberalism and feminism. The Immanent Frame's fantastic "Politics of Religious Freedom" series. Catholics roll up their sleeves over a Wendell Berry lecture. Hasidic Jews trying to stay out of court. Rowan Williams on the blood market.

Free To Be You and Me

Ashley Baxstrom:  The Swiss upper house on Monday buried a motion to ban the burqa, which had passed the lower house in September of 2011 by a margin of 101 to 77. The proposal, dubbed “Down with masks,” could have eventually banned full-face veils including the Muslim burqa from public transportation or government buildings....

Birth Control! For Everybody!

Ashley Baxstrom: Ladies, let's celebrate! Check out this breaking blog post from Think Progress: Obama administration approves rule that guarantees near-universal contraceptive coverage, by guest blogger Jessica Arons, Director of the Women's Health and Rights Program at American Progress. She writes:
Today, in a huge victory for women’s health, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius...

A Very Perry Christmas

Ashley Baxstrom:  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Christmas tree lots sprouting up like weeds, Christmas lights hung on trees in every wannabe-hip-neighborhood in the five boroughs, a whole new set of Christmas displays in the Macy’s windows. And of course, the turtledove on top:  pundits and politicians decrying the "War on Christmas." There...

Analogue Media and the Politics of Print Nostalgia

Angela Zito:  The Bible as a book, printed, physically available for Christian devotion, remains a powerful and contested artifact in this digital age.  Just winding up its US tour, a traveling exhibition of the Bible in China—entitled “Thy Word is Truth: the Bible Ministry Exhibition of the Protestant Church in China”—might have slipped my notice....

Safe Words

Abby Ohlheiser: All the religious language of the last fortnight's Perry and Ames fest '11 (or should that be '12) made me click on this tweet (despite the parenthetical clue) without thinking for a second that it would be a comment on anything other than something Bachmann or Perry have talked about recently....

Crossings: Religion and the Politics of Memorials

Amy Levin: When the American Atheists group filed a lawsuit to oppose a 17-foot cross-shaped beam discovered in 9/11 wreckage to be placed in the World Trade Center Museum, I experienced a major flashback. The newborn controversy over the so-called World Trade Center Cross spewed an outburst of dialogue over religious equality and the...

The Chinese Church

The Christian Century reports that China's Minister of State Administration for Religious Affairs, Wang Zuo'an, is in Nairobi for a visit with the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya to "enhance the relationship between the Anglican Church, the Global South Anglican Communion and the Chinese church."

After Bin Laden, A Call for Religious Freedom

"In short, every place where Osama bin Laden fled had either perpetrated or tolerated world-class violations of religious freedom and other human rights." -- Leonard Leo and Don Argue at The Hill

Not Another Iran

One storyline that’s making the rounds in the wake of ongoing protests in Egypt is that an applicable comparison can be made to Iran’s “green revolution” of 1979.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali has an op-ed in today’s New York Times titled, “Get Ready for the Muslim Brotherhood” that states as much, warning the U.S. that it...