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Same God, Different Freedoms?

Same God, Different Freedoms?

Ryan T. Woods reports on the case of Dr. Larycia Hawkins and the fraught entanglement of religious freedom and academic freedom at a Wheaton College.
The Anchor Boys

The Anchor Boys

Maurice Chammah investigates the history and present of a Christian home for boys.

Nigeria’s Islamiyya Schools: Global Project, Local Target

By Alex Thurston This is the fourth post in a series on Islamic education in Northern Nigeria. The first post gave an overview of the series, the second discussed Qur’anic schools, and the third talked about “traditional” advanced Islamic education, noting that traditions change over time. This post examines “Islamiyyaschools,...

Education as Battleground: Schooling Muslims in Northern Nigeria

by Alex Thurston This post is the first of a series on Muslim schooling in Northern Nigeria. Steady acts of violence carried out by Northern Nigeria’s rebel movement Boko Haram, whose name is often translated in the press as “Western education is forbidden,” has put issues of Muslim education in the region into the international news. Coverage...

SCOTUS Approves Tax Credit for Religious Tuition

Two decisions come out of the Supreme Court today, one mentioned almost as a footnote to the other in a New York Times article.  Donate money for an award at a religious education institution, get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit, says the ruling on an Arizona case.  From the article:
The program itself is novel and...

Another Schism, Another Story

“Compared to the upcoming [Supreme Court] case on the Pledge of Allegiance and the use of the words ‘under God,'” David G. Savage writes in The Los Angeles Times, Locke v. Davey— a church/state case for which the court heard opening arguments yesterday — “is unlikely to receive much attention, but many legal experts say it will have a...