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Theocracy’s Not So Bad

Julie Ingersoll writes at Religion Dispatches about a recent Christianity Today profile of the Ahmansons, husband and wife philanthropists who have helped shape policy and religious outreach in the U.S.:
The Ahmansons supplied crucial early support to Rushdoony's writing, his early efforts in the creationist movement, and to the establishment of his Chalcedon Foundation...

Atheist Solidarity with Religious Minorities?

An excerpt from Austin Dacey's review of Christopher Hitchens' new memoir, Hitch-22:
The Christian West, after all, did not migrate towards secular government by mass conversion to atheism. The leading public arguments and examples came from Christian minorities—Anabaptists like Balthazar Hubmaier; Puritans like Roger Williams, John Milton, and John Locke. Even Spinoza’s case for secularism...