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In the News: Racism, Ramadan, Romanian Witches and more!

In the News: Racism, Ramadan, Romanian Witches and more!

A round-up of the week's religion news.

God Bless America — Or Else

Religious fascism at Yankee Stadium? Evangelical scholar and writer Randall Balmer says it’s so when singing “God Bless America” becomes a compulsory part of the ballgame. On the Christian site, The Matthew’s House Project.

25 September 2004 Daily Links

Dream with the fishes: A Georgia company, Eternal Reefs, has fused memorials with sea conservation to make “reef balls”: mixing cremation ashes with marine-grade concrete and forming an artificial reef, a home for fish and coral. Iver Peterson of The New York Times reports that the reef balls, which are hollow concrete cones with grapefruit-size holes, are normally bought...

08 July 2004 Daily Links

The Solid Rock Cruisers, a Christian car club based in Auburn, Washington, will hold their annual “Believe in the Son” car show this Saturday. “‘It’s as if (Christian stores) have been playing college football, and at halftime, they came back to the field to see–whoa!–the NFL has showed up, and is interested in playing on our field,'”...