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Balancing Act: Sectarian Leaders in Lebanon

by Irina Papkova Last week marked twenty-two years since the signing of the Taif Accords put an end to the last civil war...but external pressures are at work once more.

Rara Politics

The New York Times’s Lydia Polgreen explores some of Haiti’s politics of religion in today’s story, “An Easter Voodoo Festival with Political Undertones.” Learn more about Rara festivals and voodoo here.

The “God Gulf” at The New York Times

In a bold attempt to coin a new catchphrase, Nicholas Kristof of The New York Timeswrites of the “God gulf” between liberal and conservative Americans. A “red state/blue state divide,” he claims, “overlaps an evangelical/secular divide.” Citing a study from The Pew Research Center, Kristof claims that the growing number of Americans who believe in God necessarily correlates with the segment...