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Are the Gods Afraid of Black Sexuality?

Are the Gods Afraid of Black Sexuality?

And interview with Professor Josef Sorett about the launch of Columbia University's Center on African American Religion, Sexual Politics and Social Justice.
What's more American than church and beer!

What’s more American than church and beer!

by Ashley Baxstrom Forget everything you think you know about America.

The Revealer
In the World

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Vegan Criminals

Amy Levin: You're in jail.  What will you eat on Thanksgiving day?  Most media coverage of religion in prison over the past year was about Rep. Peter King’s (R- NY) excessive concern with “prislam.” Regardless of how successfully King and his constituents played the public’s fear, the conversation managed to boil down to how dangerous...

In Praise of Capital

Amy Levin:  Marching down Lafayette yesterday, surrounded by hundreds of #occupywallstreet protesters, I experienced what many in my shoes might call a “secular spirituality,” as we ritually chanted in exhilarated unison. “We are the 99%”--or as my cohorts and I chanted it, “you are the 99%”--occupied the street-as-stage, sending our...

From Birchers to Birthers?

An excerpt from Heather Hendershot's new book, What's Fair on the Air:  Cold War Right-Wing Broadcasting and the Public Interest (Chicago, 2011).  Hendershot, a professor at Queens College and CUNY Graduate Center, will be reading from What's Fair TONIGHT, Friday, September 23 at 5 pm at the NYU Bookstore.  Our founding editor, Jeff Sharlet, will be...

Safe Words

Abby Ohlheiser: All the religious language of the last fortnight's Perry and Ames fest '11 (or should that be '12) made me click on this tweet (despite the parenthetical clue) without thinking for a second that it would be a comment on anything other than something Bachmann or Perry have talked about recently....

Atheism vs Religion:
Take 253: Matthew Chapman’s The Ledge

by S. Brent Plate Before you've even heard of this film, Bill Donohue has, once again, given it a ratings boost by rebuffing it on the Catholic League website. In between press releases on "Bishop Blasted over Gay Marriage" and "New York Times is Gay Crazy," is a little piece blasting Matthew Chapman's film The...

We Were Born This Way

Is it really any surprise that religion's not going away?  It can't because we're born with it.  So says the three-year, million dollar international research project just released from Oxford University.  Nature or nurture?  Decidedly the former.  The project's co-director, Roger Trigg, told the Daily Mail:
'Attempts to suppress religion are likely to be short-lived...

Science, Increasingly a Matter of Belief

Tom Junod, in the latest issue of Esquire writes (link below):
We are not going to live forever. We are not going to have our life spans scientifically amplified to biblical lengths. We will not be able to take pills that will give us the musculature of superheroes or allow us to gorge ourselves while...

What is the Public Square?

No longer the patch of pounded earth in the middle of town, is the public square the shrinking footprint of legacy media? Is it the more than 200 million blogs that exist in cyberspace? Is it the school board meeting? Or the assembly at our local high school? Margaret Somerville, director...

Different Levels of Credibility Between Religions?

Hunter Baker blogs at First Things that he is not entirely happy with the way his email interview with Sarah Harland-Logan of Harvard Political Review was excerpted in the final article, "Is Godless Good?" Baker is author of the 2009 book The End of Secularism ("The provocative assertion of the book...