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They Had Stuff to Do, Give Them a Break!

Mary Valle: A huge New York Times piece on the Ratzinger-led Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith's role in the "sexual abuse scandal" (or, as I like to call it, Pontifigate) by Laurie Goodstein and David M. Halbfinger draws the trail of crumbs ever closer to the Vatican. Indeed, they say "it was Cardinal Ratzinger who might have taken...

Daily Links 22 June 2005

Miracle Meter Former Revealer Kathryn Joyce calls our attention to this startling “miracle” news:Ethiopian lions with feminist tendencies rescue 12-year-old girl from patriarchal folkways! There’s not really much to add to that, but we’ll take the opportunity to announce a newRevealer project, Media Miracle Meter. The next time you read about a miracle, email us at the.revealer at

Daily Links 22 November 2004

Our Christian Son-of-a-Bitch Far from Falluja there’s another battle raging that’s just as vicious and even more dangerous in its implications. But the American press is for the most part ignoring the civil war in West Africa’s Ivory Coast, since it involves nobody, really, just Africans and the French. Which is whyDouglas Farah‘s overview of the...