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The Trouble With “Religious Hatred”

By Austin Dacey Opponents of hate speech laws contend that there is no evidence to suggest that the state can successfully bring about ethical behavior by the force of law. Bigotry is flourishing across Europe, for example, despite its robust hate speech laws.

The Israeli Government’s Mad Men

Amy Levin:  They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, that’s debatable. Due to a recent Israeli government-sponsored television ad campaign meant to persuade Israeli ex-pats living in America to return “home,” the geo-political sea between Jewish Americans and Israelis may be expanding, and Moses won’t be here to part it. In response to...

Atheists’ Public Sphere

Angela Zito: Greta Christina gives us a list of the ten worst states to be an atheist. It's really a list of: "Ten Worst States to Declare Publicly That You're an Atheist." A lot of the anger is actually about atheists daring to claim some part of the public discourse for...