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Same God, Different Freedoms?

Same God, Different Freedoms?

Ryan T. Woods reports on the case of Dr. Larycia Hawkins and the fraught entanglement of religious freedom and academic freedom at a Wheaton College.

Thirty Years, Bobby Sands

At the end of The Troubles, in the Maze prison in Northern Ireland on March 1st, 1981, the second hunger strike of republican prisoners began with Bobby Sands' refusal of food.  The protesters contested the removal of Special Category Status for prisoners convicted of IRA criminality; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was determined to not capitulate...

21 July 2004 Daily Links

Barry Goldwater biographer Rick Perlstein attends a Bush campaign party to meet those who see W. as a great man; nay, a god: “I ask Tom what role he sees in America for nonbelievers. ‘Well, if people are of an opinion that their God is supreme and are willing to burn your house down to prove it or...