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In The News: #LoveWins, #TakeItDown, #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches

In The News: #LoveWins, #TakeItDown, #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches

A round-up of the week's religion news.
Review: It Runs in the Family

Review: It Runs in the Family

A review of Frida Berrigan's It Runs in the Family by Alice Bach
Ahbash Rising: Religious Freedom in Ethiopia, Part 2

Ahbash Rising: Religious Freedom in Ethiopia, Part 2

Protests in Ethiopia could have profound ramifications for Muslim-state relations in Ethiopia and beyond, writes Alex Thurston in the second of two posts on Ethiopia's Muslims.

African Responses to “Muslim Innocence”

by Alex Thurston Protests against the Innocence of Muslims film have taken on a global sub-Saharan Africa, responses have ranged from violent protests to calls for peace.

Bad Sudanese? A “Marginal Revolt” is Underway

by Alex Thurston Should Sudan’s protesters topple President Omar al Bashir, I believe the media would get excited, but until they do, the Sudanese will remain, for the media, “marginal Arabs” or, as el Dahshan argues, Arab “villains.”

Rolling the Dice: The Orthodox Church’s “Bet” on Putin

by Irina Papkova The recent Russian elections have highlighted the complicated relationship between the Orthodox Church with both state and society. In December, prominent clergy expressed their dissatisfaction with the evidently fraudulent nature of the parliamentary election, and even patriarch Kirill made statements that could be interpreted as calling upon Putin to reform the...

In the World links, Unfinished Business edition

Nora Connor: In 2008 the Chinese government recognized the annual Qingming festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day, as a national holiday.

Riot in the Cathedral

  A review of The Orthodox Church and Russian Politics, by Irina Papkova. Oxford University Press, 2011. By Sean Guillory In late February, four members of the Russian feminist punk group, Pussy Riot, performed a “punk prayer” on the altar of Christ Our Savoir Cathedral, the seat of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). Their action, which included singing...

Arrested Development

Ashley Baxstrom:  It’s hard out there for a protestor. Occupying Oakland? Get arrested. Occupying Wall Street? Also get arrested (but don’t worry: there’s an app for that). Cornel West? Arrested (hey, twice in one week!). An almost-excommunicated Roman Catholic priest advocating women’s ordination outside the Vatican? You guessed it – arrested. The Rev. Roy Bourgeois...

Scenes From an Occupation

Nora Connor spent the wee hours of Friday morning in Zucotti Park, waiting for Bloomberg to evict the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  Below she documents dawn in the park and the breaking news that the eviction had been called off.  Some of the images are dark or hard to see; they all convey the unfolding...

In Praise of Capital

Amy Levin:  Marching down Lafayette yesterday, surrounded by hundreds of #occupywallstreet protesters, I experienced what many in my shoes might call a “secular spirituality,” as we ritually chanted in exhilarated unison. “We are the 99%”--or as my cohorts and I chanted it, “you are the 99%”--occupied the street-as-stage, sending our...