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Miracles on Demand

Miracles on Demand

Rowan Moore Gerety Few countries offer more fertile ground for a gospel of health and wealth than Mozambique, a fact that hasn't gone unnoticed by Brazilian media tycoon Edir Macedo and his pageant-loving preachers.

Oprah’s God

On Wednesday, May 25th, Oprah ended her daytime television show after 25 years.  No gifts nor guests graced her final broadcast.  God and Jo Piazza were watching. by Jo Piazza For an hour last Wednesday afternoon Oprah Winfrey stood center stage in her Chicago studio, no guests, no surprises, no free cars—just Oprah. If you've ever doubted that Oprah...

Gluttony Gospel.

It's an old lesson: God rewards the enterprising. And that's the case that several Market Masters, including Goldman Sach's shameless leader Lloyd Blankenfein, who proclaimed sketchy trading practices as "God's work," have successfully made since Wall Street pushed the national economy into a pit some 18 months ago. I say successfully because, despite ample...

05 July 2004 Daily Links

“You have to change with the times,” says megachurch pastor Joel Osteen. “If Jesus were here he’d change with the times. He couldn’t ride around on a donkey. He’d drive a car.” And St. Peter, apparently, would lease a stadium in Houston… Kansas fundamentalists mark the dedication of New York’s “Freedom Tower”: “When the group began...