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The Danger of Winning

The Danger of Winning

By Ann Neumann Is a revisionist history of abortion rights being used--by journalists, supporters, and lawyers--to curtail Supreme Court rulings on other rights like same sex marriage. Is "fear of the backlash" just a stubborn frame?
Will SCOTUS Tie the Knot?

Will SCOTUS Tie the Knot?

Becky Garrison: What will a United States Supreme Court decision do for public opinion regarding same-sex marriage?

Assessing the Culture Warriors

From Tim Muldoon's article at WaPo's On Faith blog, "Faltering and Leading: The Conservative Moment," in which Muldoon assesses David French's fawning assessment of the state of the Conservative movement (only evangelicals need work harder!) and finds it almost very satisfactory:
If there is a hopeful note in this ancient and new story of...

Stories the Religious Left Must Tell Itself

Changing the Script: An Authentically Faithful and Authentically Progressive Political Theology for the 21st Century, by Daniel Schultz. Ig Publishing (2010) $15.95 Reviewed by Brent  A. R. Hege For as long as there has been a religious right barging its way into Americans’ lives, bedrooms, pocketbooks and polling places, there have been religious progressives wondering how...

Mormon News:
Brotherly Love; Proposition 8

The Philadelphia Enquirer reports that after months of touting a shared tradition of religious tolerance with Philadelphia and after an extended struggle over potential sites, the Mormon Church has finally secured location for a 68,000 square foot temple in downtown.  Philly's mayor has proclaimed the project an effort to beautify the selected boulevard; the area...

“8: The Mormon Proposition” Coming To a Theater Near You

Out & About interviews director Reed Cowan about his new documentary film on the Mormon Church's efforts to pass Proposition 8 in California, a law which makes same-sex marriage illegal. Cowan says his documentary is more about separation of church and state than it is gay rights and predicts that the church's...