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Making Time: Religion & Black Prison Organizing, with Hakim 'Ali

Making Time: Religion & Black Prison Organizing, with Hakim ‘Ali

Laura McTighe interviews Hakim 'Ali about religion, incarceration & black prison organizing in Baltimore, 1972-1978.

Special Rapport

An independent expert has issued a new report to the United Nations, urging the assembly to protect the religious freedom of all prisoners, drawing particular attention to the “growing number” of allegations of religious abuse of detainees and prisoners. The report documents the 75 different communications written by the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion...

Daily Links 04 December 2004

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Make ‘Em Join You Fast on the heels of the recent victories for “Intelligent Design” curriculum in public schools, comes the increasing popularity of this creationist meme, today transmitted by Rod Tussing, in The Arizona Republic: “Darwinism is an ‘interpretation’ of the world and its origin and, therefore, qualifies as a religion....

Daily Links October 13 2004

Group Areas Acts Hanna Swaid, head of the Israeli Arab civil rights group, the Arab Center for Alternative Planning, criticized a bill preliminarily passed by Knesset as an “apartheid” act that recreated South Africa’s 1950 Group Areas Act — the law which legalized the de facto segregation already in place. The Israeli bill amends the...