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Oh SNAP! Picking a Pope with Sex Abuse Solutions in Mind

Oh SNAP! Picking a Pope with Sex Abuse Solutions in Mind

By Abby Ohlheiser With the conclave starting tomorrow, SNAP warns that a new pope can't magically fix the Catholic Church's ongoing sex abuse crisis.

The Pope Has Left the Island

  By Nora Connor Pope Benedict completes his pilgrimage to Cuba today, having wrapped up his “pastoral” visit to Mexico, in which he tidily summarized that nation’s struggles with the drug war-industrial complex:
The pope also addressed Mexico’s struggle against violence...

What’s in a name?

Elissa Lerner: Of all the exciting things the Pope could be talking about this week (the vote in Sudan, the ongoing agony in Coptic Egypt, even taking a stand on the misuse of the term 'blood libel'), here is Pope Benedict XVI's big cause of the moment: Christian names. Yes, it...

Coming Into Existence

Yesterday the Pope followed up his condoms revelation with a more predictable point, one that emphasizes existing Catholic teaching and seems, at least linguistically, appropriate to the start of Advent:  protect "nascent life."  From what?  "Selfishness and the willful darkening of conscience.

The Melancholy Rite

Mary Valle: I recently voted in my state's primary election, because I like voting. Where I vote is in the gym of my local Catholic school, which, since the last election, has closed. Been consolidated. I noticed the cornerstone as I walked in: 1957. Boom times in America; boom times for Catholics. It seems...

Pope Suffers On Tour

Mary Valle: Pope Benedict recently touched down at the shrine at Fatima, where the Virgin Mary appeared to children and advised them about hell, Russia and a white-clad figure who would appear in a field of martyrs. Pilgrims still flock to the shine to pray to Mary for help with their ailments. The Pope...


Ann Neumann: A new hashtag on twitter this morning: #popearrest.

I’m Ok, The Pope’s Ok

Ann Rodgers, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s smart religion reporter, wrote yesterday that Pope Benedict XVI is proving less conservative than expected. But the main evidence, as we read it, is that the new pope, famed for his reserve, is patting little children on the head. That’s nice. Meanwhile, Rev. Thomas Reese, the former editor of the Jesuit magazine America hounded out of...

And They’re Off!

Those who prefer their pope-news in the style of The Daily Racing Form will find an excellent guide to ponies — Ratzinger ahead by a nose! — compiled by Doug LeBlanc at Get Religion.