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What's more American than church and beer!

What’s more American than church and beer!

by Ashley Baxstrom Forget everything you think you know about America.

2003 Gospel Album of the Year?

You won’t find too many surprises in the Grammy gospel nominations, just released last week, but for this — Outkast, which led the pack with six nods, got shut out of gospel. You didn’t know Speakerboxx/The Love Below was a God record? Give it a listen, and listen to the words: Andre 3000 is rightly touted as a sexxxed-up mystic...


Just after the war in Bosnia, a priest showed Rose Marie Berger a cross erected on a hillside. One side depicted a resurrection Jesus, offering the promise of life and joy; the other revealed an angry Christ of eternal judgment. Berger preferred the good-times Jesus, but the locals, who had seen 1,500 of their own massacred, opted for...