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Burma: Faith and Resistance in Kachin

Burma: Faith and Resistance in Kachin

Photographer Ryan Roco investigates the role of religion in the lives of the Kachin people in northern Burma after decades of civil war.

Photography and the Occult

03 October 2005 “There’s a lot of people,” she said, “dead people, who don’t want to go where they’re supposed to go, you know?” By Kate Hawley Theodor Prinz, “Ghost” Journalism about the occult usually files under “news of the weird.” But the opening of a new exhibition of photographs at the Metropolitan Museum last...

Pictures of Heaven

Iranian photographer Hengameh Golestan’s name means, literally, “spectacular rose garden,” a fact she notes in a feature for the Irish webmagazine Nth Position not to boast, but to point to the sad irony of the village of Mahabad, the name of which means “The place to go.” Golestan’s photographs of the Iranian Kurdish residents of the town suggest otherwise. Overwhelmed...

Imam Ali in Sadr City

“An Iraqi between posters of prominent Shiite cleric Sheik Muqtada al-Sadr and Imam Ali, first Imam and cousin of prophet Muhammed during Friday prayers in the largest Shiite enclave in Baghdad.” (AP photo/Samir Mizban) Adam Becker, assistant professor in religious studies at New York University: This is a great shot. The picture of Ali [right]...