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The Sunday Assembly: Time for a Religion Free Megachurch Revival?

The Sunday Assembly: Time for a Religion Free Megachurch Revival?

Becky Garrison explores what's really going on with the growth of atheist churches.

Mormon, Schmormon

Things we love about the new Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life poll on "Mormons in America?"  So glad you asked: Substitute your own word in here:  "Many _____ feel they are misunderstood, discriminated against and not accepted by other Americans as part of mainstream society."

Global Evangelicals: Prudes vs. Oppressed

Abby Ohlheiser: As some in the media try to speculate on the role of religion in the GOP primaries and the 2012 elections, Pew and Gallup are polling for a clue. But a separate Pew poll last week caught my eye: a survey of 2,196 leaders (representing 166 countries) of evangelical leaders...

Breaking News:
Americans Don’t Know Much About Religion

Elissa Lerner: If you're reading this you a) are likely aware of Laurie Goodstein's hot-button column yesterday digesting the Pew Forum's recent survey about America's religious ignorance and b) probably scored abnormally highly on the 6-question pop quiz. (Overachievers, here is the Pew's 15-question quiz.) Congratulations! As...

Magic Numbers

Just released: The Pew Internet and American Life Project‘s survey on “Faith Online.”We’re especially delighted to announce this goldmine of data and analysis because it’s authored by Center for Religion and Media (another Pew project) associate Stewart M. Hoover — who wrote about South Park for The Revealer on Monday — and his colleagues Lynn Schofield Clark and Lee Rainie. The “number” you’ll no doubt see cited most...

Pew’s Centers of Excellence

The Revealer is published by New York University’s Center for Religion and Media, one of the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Centers of Excellence. Pew’s Centers of Excellence, located on many of the nation’s top-ranked research universities, encourage the study of religion’s role in the humanities and social sciences, including international affairs, urban society, American democracy and the...

The “God Gulf” at The New York Times

In a bold attempt to coin a new catchphrase, Nicholas Kristof of The New York Timeswrites of the “God gulf” between liberal and conservative Americans. A “red state/blue state divide,” he claims, “overlaps an evangelical/secular divide.” Citing a study from The Pew Research Center, Kristof claims that the growing number of Americans who believe in God necessarily correlates with the segment...