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PBS Gets Religion

PBS Gets Religion

by S. Brent Plate Another reason to lament Romney's plans to cut funding for PBS.

Liberia’s Devils

Nora Connor: We’ve been watching PBS’s “Women, War and Peace.” Less a series than a grouping of thematically linked films, it takes women’s experiences, roles and concerns as the starting point for an examination of contemporary war, from on-the-ground experiences of privation and violence to the legal remove of places like the Hague. The project aims...

Sinful Tavis Smiley

Letters to Michael Getler, Ombudsman for PBS, after show host Tavis Smiley said that Christians were as responsible for a comparable number of terrorist attacks in the US as Muslims: "I am ashamed that PBS would sponsor the uninformed or outright lying as was perpetrated by Tavis Smiley on his recent program. In stating that...

Daily Links 29 January 2005

Maple Sugar Me, Baby More naughty bunny news: Slate‘s Dana Stevens interviews (halfway through her column) a spokeswoman for “Postcards from Buster,” the PBS kid’s cartoon show which the new education secretary, Margaret Spellings, has denounced because one episode includes a character with two mothers and focuses on Vermont “maple sugaring.” That’s where one woman swallows — oh, wait. Apparently,...