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Get Religion - somewhere new

Get Religion – somewhere new

Exciting merger news in the world of the God Blog Squad! (If such a thing can be said to exist, and if, indeed, people get excited about news about it.)

Giving Evangelicalism Only Another Generation

From "Our Mission to 'Theologically Educate,'" A convocation given by Timothy Tennent, president of Asbury Theological Seminary, at that institution in September.
It may be true that the house of liberal Protestantism has nearly burned to the ground and we’ve been standing there screaming with our water hose for almost a century, but, brothers and...

Assessing the Culture Warriors

From Tim Muldoon's article at WaPo's On Faith blog, "Faltering and Leading: The Conservative Moment," in which Muldoon assesses David French's fawning assessment of the state of the Conservative movement (only evangelicals need work harder!) and finds it almost very satisfactory:
If there is a hopeful note in this ancient and new story of...

Pagan Elitism

From Star Foster's recent post at Patheos:
To be an intellectual Pagan is to some degree an elistist thing. The communities that do offer support and sometimes resources are often semi-closed and even secretive. To study Paganism requires not merely dedication and time, but money, proper geography and heart. To enter into a Pagan tradition...