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Will BP Compensate Suffering Gulf Churches?

The AP reports that British Petroleum has not yet decided how to handle claims from churches and religious groups that have been hurt by the Gulf oil spill.  Because many attendees have lost their jobs church organizations are suffering a loss of donations and an increase in aid requests.

“It is clearly time for a miracle…”

Yesterday, reports CNN, was designated a day of prayer by Louisiana's desperate state senate.  The decision was made by unanimous vote last week as a reaction to the continued gushing of crude oil into the Gulf.  "Thus far efforts made by mortals to try to solve the crisis have been to no avail," state...

Oil Apocalypse

It's been six weeks since the Deep Water Horizon sank to the bottom of the Gulf waters. The Revealer's collected a number of articles and essays that examine what the spill means for the future of environmental activism, faith leaders, free-market supporters, and the animal and human inhabitants of a now-polluted region:
An op-ed by...

Leave It To The Amish

Ok, conservatives can hate the Amish all they want for their exemption from the health care mandate. The rest of us love them -- as the funniest DailyKos poster, Bill in Portland Maine, notes -- for their ability to manage disaster, even hypothetically:
"As you English might say, it was no big deal,"...