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Chapel Perilous: Notes From The New York Occult Revival

Chapel Perilous: Notes From The New York Occult Revival

Don Jolly reports on New Yorkers attempting to revive and study the occult.

Intense Friendliness: Kids, Cults and Criteria

by Ashley Baxstrom NYU Local reported last week that city students have a lot more to worry about than midterms and the rising price of lattes: dangerous CULTS want to steal your soul, body and money! According to the post--less an article than a humorous piece, the author admitted to...

Taking Tocqueville and Darwin for a Ride

By Nathan Schradle If something like a “Global Civil Society” ever becomes a reality (I’m picturing a giant face made of thousands of tiny robots, like in the Matrix Revolutions… only hopefully slightly less hell-bent on the destruction of the human species), it may want to give a huge shout-out to the year 1831....

Generation Missionary Transfers to NYU

The Rev. Louie Giglio, who is leading the Passion ’05 conference this week, has counseled students at Christian colleges to consider serving God by transfering to secular schools in need of the Word. For example, according to Giglio, New York University “has only about 200 practicing Christians among 40,000 students.” Imagine the mathematical possibilities…