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In Defense of the Coalition: Observing the RNC

In Defense of the Coalition: Observing the RNC

Our lady in Tampa, Abby Ohlheiser, reports back from the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

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Minority Rights are a "Special Privilege;" Next to Newt's Godliness; Tebowing the Spotlight; Catholic Attitude; Because Your Military Rulers Said So; The Sui Juris of Citizenship

It’s Not Even About A Mosque This Time

Elissa Lerner: Have you been losing sleep over the crippling anxiety that Islamic law might one day trump Constitutional law? Fear not - Oklahoma is on the case! "Save Our State" question 755 banning shari'a law from the Sooner State passed with a whopping 70% of the vote on Tuesday. In a "pre-emptive...

The Tea Party Finds Newt’s God

This week Digby wondered if Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, is making a move to appear more Godly in order to get the Tea Party nomination for president in 2012.  It's a worthy question, now that a multitude of observers (read Jonathan Kay, Barbara Bradley HagertySarah Posner, David Dayen,

Afghanistan: A Hit Close to Home

A more personal note: My sister writes this morning to tell me that her friend, Glen Lapp, a resident of our home county, Lancaster, and an aid worker for the Mennonite Central Committee, was killed in the Taliban ambush in Afghanistan last week.  Glen had been in Afghanistan for nearly two years and was...

Jump Up

14 October 2005 Newt Gingrich is back, saying some vague stuff about religion being the cornerstone of America’s identity and the key to reigning victorious over Islamic terrorists, all in preparation for…a presidential campaign. There’s hope though — it’s even Gingrich’s own professed hope: if “five or six candidates are going to jump up and steal all...