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In The News: Breaking Bad, Thanksgivukkah, The Vatican, George Bernard Shaw & much more

In The News: Breaking Bad, Thanksgivukkah, The Vatican, George Bernard Shaw & much more

A round-up of recent religion & media news.

Von Trier Gets Jewish

Tablet's Liel Leibovitz catches up with the storm director Lars von Trier created at Cannes this week when he described himself as a Nazi; according to Leibowitz, sympathizing with Hitler "may be the most Jewish thing the director has ever done."

Jewish Pride

Declared love for Hitler by fashion designer John Galliano has made Natalie Portman say that she is an individual proud to be Jewish and therefore “will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way.” Were she not proud of it would she have stood up against him? Were she Muslim would she have needed...

It is 1939 Again

From Bishop Wallace Benn's response to the press this week:
Sir, Some media reports have suggested that at Reform’s national conference I likened those who supported the consecration of women bishops to the Nazis. I did not. Misrepresentation in the Press is a painful and serious matter that can be damaging if it is believed....

Flaunting Malignant Brilliance

by Adam H. Becker A Film Unfinished (2010, 90 min), directed by Yael Hersonski, is about footage shot in the Warsaw Ghetto in May of 1942. The original film, labeled on its canisters simply as “Das Ghetto,” presents itself as an ethnographic examination of Jewish life in the dire day-to-day existence of several hundred thousand Jews,...

Roncalli Diaries

The publication of diaries belonging to Angelo Roncalli (the future Pope John XXIII) have rekindled controversy about Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust, furnishing proof that he had opposed the return of Jewish children who’d been protected in Catholic convents to their parents after the Nazi’s defeat. According to the diaries, Pius XII attempted to block...