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Playing Indian

An excerpt from the new Demons, Saints, & Patriots: Catholic Visions of Native America Through The Indian Sentinel (1902 - 1962).  The Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions published The Indian Sentinel "as both a chronicle of Catholic Indian missions activities and an impassioned public relations tool to save a beleaguered missionary venture."...

Going Native

What happens when six non-Native girls show up at the largest powwow in North America -- dressed as, um, Indians? At Racialicious Adrienne K. writes that non-native participation in powwows is common:

Gods of San Francisco

“Like pouring dirty water on the Vatican.” The New York Times’ Randal C. Archibold reports on the lawsuit brought by 13 Native American tribes in the Flagstaff, Arizona area, over the proposal of a ski resort located on the San Francisco Peaks — mountains within ancestral boundaries which the tribes regard as “virtual living deities”...