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Excerpt: Revival and Awakening

Excerpt: Revival and Awakening

An excerpt from Revival and Awakening: American Evangelical Missionaries in Iran and the Origins of Assyrian Nationalism by Adam H. Becker.
The Hindus, Hitler, and the Politics of Looking Forward

The Hindus, Hitler, and the Politics of Looking Forward

Drew Thomases on censorship, nationalism, and memory in Indian publishing and electoral politics.
Missed Opportunities: a review of "Arab Media"

Missed Opportunities: a review of “Arab Media”

by Narges Bajoghli It's true that mass media have been used (and still are, in some contexts) as a means of social engineering...Nonetheless, it's imperative to remember that the state cannot control how people interpret what they see.

The World Before Her: Making Indian Women

A review of The World Before Her, now showing in the Tribeca Film Festival. by Natasha Raheja  The opening sequence of director Nisha Pahuja’s documentary The World Before Her cuts sharply between salwar kameez and swimsuits, Marathi and English, Bombay and Aurangabad, stilettos and chappals, open hair and plaits, bhangra beats and nationalistic hymns, saffron and...

Hell Hath Enlarged Herself

Foreign Policy, in collaboration with The Fund for Peace, has posted their 6th annual analysis of the most vulnerable states in the world.  One can't help but cringe at the biblical/apocalyptic references:  "In the Beginning, There was Somalia," and "Postcards from Hell."  And critics have noted that one man's hell is another man's donkey...

Daily Links 03 December 2004

Gods of Nationalism Kalyan Singh, leader of the Indian Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), today deposed before theLiberhan Commission, a 12-year old commission investigating the 1992 demolition of theBabri Mosque by a crowd of nearly one million Hindu nationalists that also killed 13 men and children during the night of riots. Hindu groups believe the 16th Century...